What is DEVSOC?

DEVSOC is CodeChef-VIT’s annual flagship event hoping to empower young minds by bringing enthusiastic technocrats and thinkers under one roof. This year, the second iteration of the hackathon is being held with a goal to create a sprint like event, where participants create, hack, innovate to solve problems while adhering to the spirit of creativity and teamwork.

What is the Road to DEVSOC?

To interest people from multiple domains, we are conducting 3 premium events leading to DEVSOC:

  • TechChronicles- For the Bloggers
  • Consilio- For the Designers
  • Code Invicta- For the Programmers

Who's conducting this?

CodeChef-VIT is a non-commercial organisation with a goal to provide a platform for programmers and developers everywhere to meet, compete & have fun.

CodeChef-VIT is known for our events, workshops, hackthons, projects and generousity (yes, we give away lots of prizes)!

We're thrilled to be your hosts for this journey.

Why are we organising this?

Our primary intention is to promote all-round development of students helping them perceive real-world problems. We strive hard to educate and guide our participants by equipping them with technical, design and management skills, thereby enabling them to make significant contributions towards the community.

Conducting such events not only helps participants be productive during the pandemic but also helps promote collaborative work through open source, projects, designs, code and blogs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Road to DEVSOC free of cost?

All our events are absolutely free to attend.

Do I need a team for everything?

TechChronicles is an individual blogging event;

you can have a team of 1-2 people for Consilio;

Code Invicta is an individual event;

DEVSOC is a team event with a team size of 2-5 people.

What are the prizes?

All our events have huge cash prizes as well as credits, licenses and swags.

Follow our official handles for updates on the prizes.

Where can I get regular updates?

All our conversations will take place on our Discord server.

You can follow us on Instagram to be the first to know when we make our server public!

Do I need to take part in all the events?

You can register or take part in one or more events. Registering for all events isn't compulsory (though we would love to see you in all our events).

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